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Description:Nano Recon: Guide Nano through the caves and help him on his recon mission. This is part one of what will hopefully be an extensive range of games based on The Eight Bits (8 robot characters similar to International Rescue, if you like) who frequently come together to fight their nemesis Nasty Sprite . Having located Nasty Sprite's secret base, The Eight Bits have drilled a small hole into a cave in the outer chambers and are sending Nano on a recon mission to learn more Use your arrow keys to control Nano through the various levels Try to avoid hitting objects as he is extremely fragile Nano also has limited power and has to complete each level within 1 minute or he will die As you approach some objects you will trigger actions and events, so use caution. It's not meant to be easy!!! SO WRITE DOWN PASSWORDS!!! Hit Space to continue to next level (for speed). movement: arrow keys

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