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Description:Million Dollar Words - Halloween Edition
Survive the horrors of both Halloween frights and multisyllabic words in this hysterical vocabulary game show, Help Georgia Romero and become a hero in the Zombie Apocalypse, Solve the mystery, Take a trip through a haunted house, Face your worst fears, Have good time at costume party, Find out what your fear of vampires is really called and more with this hilarious vocabulary game show where you can learn the fun way through game play, If you're interested in sounding more articulate, using a newfound vocabulary to get a better job, live longer or gain superpowers, or if you just want to be able to use huge words to sound smart, this is definitely the place to start! You'll make it rain million dollar words left and right, earn achievements and even use your millions to purchase prizes for your desktop and to print and hang on the wall,Select a category, answer as quickly as you can and learning new words
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