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Description:Micro Life: Game is based on Conway's game - Life. You create microbes population and look how it changes. Each cell has 8 near cells: 4 side and 4 corner. 1. If microbe cell has less than 2 near microbe cells - it dies. 2. If microbe cell has more than 3 near microbe cells - it dies. 3. If empty cell has exactly 3 near microbe cells - it produces new microbe cell. There are 3 basic formation types: 1. Stable - do not change. 2. Pulsing - repeat their formation periodically. 3. Moving - move to the specific direction. You can choose some of them clicking on - Select button. You can also make real battle clicking - Play Game button. Click button Your Army - you can put your cells (blue). Enemy 1 has red cells, Enemy 2 - green cells, Enemy 3 - yellow cells. To finish battle mode - click Clear button.

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