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Description:Mahjong Redo: Mahjong Redo is a classic Mahjong . The game comes with 3 cool layouts to choose from. You have to clear all tiles in pairs. Click on a tile to select it. Dark tiles are locked and you can't select them, you must clear the tiles on the left or right first. You get 100 points for clearing a pair. Also up to 10000 bonus points for clearing all tiles. Each second you loose 10 points from the bonus points. You are limited to 10 shuffles, 10 hints and 5 hints. You can undo only 5 steps back. Shortcuts: N=New Game, S=Shuffle Tiles, H=Show hint, U=Undo last move, P=Toggle pause/ resume, M=Toggle mute , The four season and flower tiles match even though they are not identical.

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