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Description:Mahjong Hong kong: There is an ancient secret in the land of the clan. They did not know that they were the preys of a specie called human . king decided to declare a mahjong war against the human. Now, for survival they must win every game. Humans, can you do it? Play the best 2D flash mahjong on the internet and compete with the rest of the world. In a traditional Mahjong game, 4 players start the game with 13 (14 for dealer) tiles each. 1. Once the game starts, each player takes turn starting from the dealer to draw and discard the tile in a counter clockwise order. 2. The draw sequence can be interrupted and rearranged by the bid of "Tse" or known as "Chi", "Pon", and "Kang", or 4. the game can be finished by any player declaring "Ron" (mahjong or zimo) once the player's satisfies the 4 Triplet, 1 Pair pattern. 5. There are ultimately 4 tiles of each tile kind making up a total of 136 tiles on the table including drawn/ discarded/ undrawn tiles. 6.

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