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Description:Lin Chung Combat: When High Roller and his evil minions launch their attack on Big Green, Lin Chung is the only champion who stands in their way.In the rhythm action game Lin Chung Combat, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to guide our hero through a series of devastating martial arts moves as he fights his way through 14 levels of music based game play.Match your arrow presses with the scrolling arrows on the screen, but be quick about it!This is a game that requires lightning reflexes and nimble fingers. In addition to its exciting game play, Lin Chung Combat is also enabled to work with the Neuro Sky Mindset (sold separately), as well as the Vivox voice/text chat system.Use your Mind Set while playing Lin Chun Combat and gain the ability to unleash an exclusive power-up available only to Neuro Sky Mind Set owners!And with Vivox voice chat, you can chat and compare notes with other Lin Chung Combat players.(Neuro Sky Mind Set and Vivox voice chat are both optional.) Think you The colored arrows will move up the screen in time to the music. When the colored arrows reach the bar, press the arrow key on your keyboard in time to the beat. If you are really good, you can score perfects for the biggest scores. movement: arrow keys

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