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Description:Kulkis 1.5: Previously our hero had bounced his way through many challenges and eventually discovered a fellow Kulkis who had left the tribe long ago. Now, for some mysterious reason, he has returned. What possible reason could this Black Kulkis have for his actions? Navigate through new, larger and even deadlier rooms in this continuation to the Kulkis story. All you must do is collect the keys in order to open the exit. but there are still the same colored blocks to clear before the path is open, Can you earn top points by collecting all of the gems along the way? Collect the necessary amount of keys to open exit and move forward - all in order to uncover the secrets of the Black Kulkis, Arrow Up: Speed Up, Escape: Pause, M: Toggle Music, S: Toggle Sound, Arrow Down: Slow down, movement: arrow keys

Retro games, Bouncing ball games, Action games, Adventure games,

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