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Description:Key to Door: A simple single staged game in which the challenges get increasingly difficult. Think you can get this little ball to the door 22 times in under 100 deaths? Basic movement that may vary from level to level Cheat Sheet to levels: These are the basic instructions for each level, although the players would have to figure out exactly what to do based on the title of the level 1. basic moving 2. reduced friction 3. reverse controls 4. upside down map 5. Max number of jumps=10 6. Speedy 7. Touch the different spike (second from left) 8. Invisible walls 9. low opacity spikes 10. Combination of levels 1,2,3,4, 11. low opacity player 12. Press k to reach door 13. Keys reverse when red 14. Door moves with character 15. Control Character with "M,O,V,E" 16. Control all Balls simultaneously 17. Walls bounce, no gravity 18. Get the objects in order of the rainbow 19. Don't touch the red spotlight 20. Touch the green spot light till it disappears 21. Drag character, don't touch walls 22. Combination of 20,19,13,9 jump: up,movement: arrow keys

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