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Description:Just Another platform game: Do you want to play a very good old school platform game game? Stop here! Help Jack reach the exit, and you will get one of the best platforming experience. Jack needs your help. Play this game, listen to his story. Game features: one level platform game game, Ability to shoot and duck, Jump, do controllable jumps, 7 enemy types, pushable objects, 4 difficulty levels: very easy, easy, normal, hard, Disclaimer: On hard it is really hard, but not impossible. Controls: Arrow keys: Move, Down: Duck, S: Jump, D: Shoot, Esc: Pause -/ +: Adjust volume , 0: Mute, Warning : This game has a built in puzzle you might get stuck. Be careful, fire: s,spacebar to jump, s: jump, d: shoot,movement: arrow keys

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