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Description:Jungle Way: Jungle Way is fun jungle themed puzzle game. A player must first get a six to be able to move a piece from the starting area onto the starting Wood tile. In each subsequent turn the player moves a piece forward 1 to 6 tiles as indicated by the nuts amount. When a player gets a 1 or 6the player may bring a new piece onto the starting tile, or may choose to move a piece already in play. Also, each time a player gets a 6 , same player gets another turn as a bonus. If a player cannot make a valid move they must pass the die to the next player. If a player's piece lands on a tile containing an opponent's piece, the opponent's piece is captured and returns to the starting area. Once a piece has completed a circuit of the board it moves up the home column of its own color. The player must get the exact number to advance to the home tile. The winner is the first player to get all four of their pieces onto the home square. mouse click to shoot,

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