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Description:Jewels Jack: Find more jewels (emeralds) than CPU player Jack to win the game. Map rules are similar to classic Minesweeper game. Jack does not know about the map and gems more than you. Jewels you find are shown as green emeralds. Gem found by Jack is shown as red ruby. Game rules are similar to classic Minesweeper game. Only difference is that you play against a CPU player named Jack. Find more jewels than Jack to win the game. Click on a tile. If there is a jewel under it you will earn a jewel and a turn. If there is no jewel under it, you will be given a number. The number will tell you and Jack how many jewels are touching that tile (left, right, above and below). Based on the numbers, try to figure out where the jewels are so you can find them. use mouse for movement

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