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Description:Infinite Ways Plus: Roll the ball through infinite rooms and collect the coins to get points, but be careful don't hit the lasers or the lava. There is a high score system, so try to beat other players. There is also a timer that counts down, so hurry! There are a lot of rooms, some rooms you have to unlock with keys that can be found. If you die you will lose your coins. Press "B" to go back to the main menu or "R" to retry. You can submit your high score when you die, or when the time runs out, hope to see you on top of the high score list! Use the arrow keys. B = Back to the main menu. Q = Quality change R = Retry Mochi high score enabled. Q: Quality of the game, B: Back to main menu,M: Music stop/ play,R: Retry,movement: arrow keys

Ball games, High score games, Laser games, Coins games, Lava games, Action games, Adventure games, Other/ Trivia games, Puzzle games, Strategy games,

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