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Description:GROAR: dinosaur in ancient land, a place where you are trapped with full of dinosaurs. You must driving your truck through a dangerous jungle and trap. With existing weapons, your objectives is to reach the port that will take you home. Your survival skills will be tested. game has 2 levels, campaign and survival, Navigating Truck: W : move forward, S : brake or revers,, A/ D : Rotate the truck in a CW or CCW, Press E repeatedly : Escape from danger, Use the mouse to aim, To turn a weapon, use the 1.2 or 3. One button to activate the machine gun, Two buttons to activate the 50 cal, Third button to activate the rocket launcher. Special Attack (Space): to use a special attack, you must wait until the special attack is ready. when ready press the space key. don't forget to aim with the mouse Special attack consists of three types. The first type is a air strike. attack from the air, releasing several rockets at once. The second type is Naphal. This attack threw some oil drums towards the target. After hitting the target, bomb will explode. the third type is the dinosaur attack. This attack release a friendly Triceratops that push and kill the enemy. Armor consists of three types of level 1 level 2 and level 3. Each level has a different level of protection. press spacebar to shoot, 1.2 or 3.: To turn a weapon, movement: wasd

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