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    Description:Gladiator Girl Dress Up
    Once upon a time, in a small village from the North, a beautiful couple lived their life in peace, and love. The idyllic surroundings of the village contribute each day to their happiness and make their lives full of joy. One day, a rumor was heard: some savage people are getting close to the village, burning everything in their path and killing everyone. All the villagers prepared as best as they could to defend their homes. When the invaders arrived they fought bravely, but didnít succeed to defeat them. she was wounded and she was taken prisoner and sent to Rome as a war pride. As she was an outstanding fighter, she chose to fight in the Arena for her freedom. If she is not defeated for 100 confrontations in a row, she will be free to return in her village and rejoin her beloved . Play these girl games to help her in her quest. Her outfit is a key advantage in the fight, as she can inspire confidence, beauty and fear to her opponents. T
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