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Description:Fly Away Rabbit: Game Story, Welcome to a world where a little bunny rabbit has one goal in life, to make it to the clouds. However, each time he reaches a new height something horrible happens, helium blocks of varying shapes and possibilities block his path and attempt to lead him astray! You're his only hope. With you ability to remove blocks at will, Rabbit may finally reach his goal and find a resting place in the clouds where he can enjoy himself and a wonderful view. Game Details Fly Away Rabbit takes you on a gaming adventure perfected in the iPhone and iPod Touch. Use your finger to touch blocks and remove them from the game. With each block removed physics based reactions will occur. Use these reactions to guide Rabbit to the cloud and complete each level. Play through 48 levels in 3 difficulties and enjoy a truly exciting physics based puzzle game. Use your mouse to play. Click blocks to remove them and help the rabbit reach the cloud.

Kids games, Animal games, Cute games, Physics games, Block games, Balloon games, Moon games, Box2d games, Bunny games, Rabbit games, Bouncing games, Stars games, Clouds games, Educational games, Other/ Trivia games, Puzzle games,

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