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    Description:Flower Pixie Dress-Up
    Ethereal and enchanting, the Flower Pixie has captured people's imagination because she is so special, magical creature found in gardens among the flowers and ferns and ivy. Everybody says that this Flower Pixie is kind, sweet, and helpful, although some of them she can be a little mischievous when she gets upset. The flowers are still in bloom and the magnificent scents surround the green fields and the gardens. There is a secret story about magic flower fields, where the Flower Pixie sings and plays with the butterflies over the rainbow. Flower Pixie, a young and beautiful fairy is the protector of nature. Today the Flower Pixie was declared the fairy of the forest by all the forest creatures because she loves all the flowers and she likes to take good care of each flower. For her inauguration as a flower fairy at her ceremony she has to be dressed just like a flower but her problem is that she cannot choose what flower to dress up. let's give this young fairy a helping hand
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