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Description:Flash Net hack: A classic dungeon crawler. Unlike other games the emphasis in this game is on discovering the detail of the dungeon and not simply killing everything in sight in fact, killing everything in sight is a good way to die quickly. a very deep and very fun game but also very, very challenging, Use the keyboard for everything. Use shift+? for in game help, You can use the number pad or hjkl keys for movement. a big game so it will take some getting used to. For a complete description of the game and every command see the Guidebook, @: you (or a human), .:floor, <:stairs up to the previous level, >: stairs down to the next level, +:closed door; spell book, $:pile of gold, ^:trap, %:food, corpse, something edible (not necessarily healthy), ?:scroll, a: use or apply (key, bag, axe, etc),Z: cast a spell, ctrl+d: kick (break open locked doors),<>: climb stairs, f: fire item in quiver, i: inventory, d or D: drop something, ,: pick up things, / : what is? (ask definition for something on the screen), t: Throw or Shoot, q: quaff a potion or something else ,s: search for secret doors (they are everywhere), r: read something, Q: load item in quiver, o: open something, use #loot for boxes and chests, w: wield a weapon, z: zap a wand, ?: help - documentation,movement: arrow keys

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