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Description:Flash Gear Solid VR: The NIKITA Missions: Welcome to the FLASH GEAR SOLID VR Trainer. Your mission is simple. Use your remote control NIKITA missiles to destroy all of the targets in each level. Use a variety of techniques to get the fastest time and claim first place. Set in a 3D environment, you can use the First Person View to better explore your environment. Beat all of the levels to find out what is in the box! . I hope you enjoy the game! This was a short term project so there are still several things I would have liked to put in - but they'll probably go in the possible future sequels and/ or revisions. Comments and suggestions (level designs or general) are welcome. Destroy all the targets in each stage as fast as possible using your remote control NIKITA missiles. Control your "cardboard box" and use the first person point of view mode to explore your surroundings. Learn to use the properties of your weapon and targets to solve each stage as fast as you can. Beat all the stages to find out who's inside the box! A: hold to look up in FPV, P: Pause,press spacebar to shoot,I: Instructions, L Shift: Toggle Crouch/ Stand, Esc: Quit Current Level, W: Detonate Missile, X: hold for First Person View, Z: hold to look down in FPV, Spacebar: Fire Missile, movement: arrow keys

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