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Description:Flash Cards: Play words as flash cards with our education program. Play words as flash cards with our education program. There is no need to print them out and you can add your own lists, for example, homework spelling lists. There are 58 lists with over 4,000 words included in the program. These words in the lists show as flash cards at a speed you choose. The available lists include 10 lists of 220 words in total, known as the Dolch words after Edward William Dolch who prepared them in 1936. These 220 words cannot be learned with the use of pictures and are known as 'service words'. These are pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and verbs and can only be learned by sight, the easiest way being in flash cards. Almost 75 percent of the words we see daily in books, magazines, newspapers etc., are Dolch words, which shows just how important they are in the English language. They also cannot be 'sounded out' using traditional phonics patterns and it is generally accepted that they should be learned by the end of the first grade to gi

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