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Description:Fish Catchers: You have to capture as many fishes as you can. Use your glove for that. Be careful to not capture Bomb Fish without a Metal Glove. Every new fish you capture goes to your Aquarium. Move yourself with cursors LEFT and RIGHT Shoot the glove with SPACE BAR Some very rare species and decorations for your Aquarium only appear in certain levels, try to get them all, You will find items in levels, they work as follows: CLOCK - Gives you extra time for your mission, ICE CUBE - Freezes time for few seconds, enough for you to catch what you need, SHIELD - Gives you Metal Glove for the level, with this you can capture Bomb Fish, Once you obtain your points submit your score! but don't close the POP-UP Window or your points wont be submitted. Try to be the number one of the World , press spacebar to shoot, left/right arrow keys for movement

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