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Description:FGC2- Gold Catcher: This game is for Scion Driving Creativity Contest. You are FGC (Flying Gold Collector). Your job is to collect the debris raining down from the sky from the mid-air explosion of a freighter. Some of the debris is very valuable . some increase your fuel's power, and some (the chemicals) damage you. Special Thanks to Paragon X9 (for his song Chaos Fantasy played on the short game), DJ-VIZ for his awesome song- Raver's Fantasy [Viz Revamped Club Mix]- which was played in the menu, level selection, and the normal game, and finally Mundhir Werner (syphon max) for his song Code Lyoko Theme (Edit) (which was played in the long game, and extreme game levels). All these song artists were from Newgrounds! Arrow keys to move, movement: arrow keys

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