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Description:Fantasy warrior: This game is an adventure RPG?dark wizard wreaks havoc with fantasy nation?and turns many animals into atrocious monsters?the Quetzalcoatl need you to beat the dark wizard,so as to save the fantasy nation.find Quetzalcoatl to take main mission,the new map's Teleport will open if you complete the mission?then comes some adventurers?find them you can get daily missions with reputations and stones as rewards.buy the equipments from the equipment merchants?you should know that buying them need reputation which you can get after completing the main and grandpa missions.study skills from the fantasy tutor.there are 3 kinds of equipment-enchanting items:magic soul,which you can get by using seal stone when attacking monsters, gest soul,which you can get probably by breaking down the equipments.battle soul,which you can get by compounding magic soul and gest soul.then ask master to add the souls to equipment.you can strengthen your equipment to maximum +12?attention that equipment will disappear

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