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Description:Elements & Magic: Elements & Magic is a medieval theme Tower Defense game. You are the human king, owner of several castles, but evil orcs seek to take them from you. Defend your castles alongside your army! There are 3 elements in the world: fire, ice, and thunder. Use the elements to build a strong, fierce army—but know that the enemy can also channel the elements. The journey begins. Victory awaits you, Elements & Magic is a medieval theme Tower Defense game. The game has a lot fun game plays: - Players can build their armies (archer, mage and catapult); - Players need to collect 3 elements (gain stones) and farm (gain food) for upgrading their armies; - Players can spell 3 different elemental magic, each has its own characteristic (e.g shock the enemy); - There are 3 elements, mutual restraint (ice resists fire --> fire resists thunder --> thunder resists ice). For instance if there comes a wave of enemies with fire attribute the easy way to defeat them is to use ice armies. - Carefully designed balance so player need to consider all the aspects to win a campaign. use mouse for movement

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