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Description:Dungeon of Death: Entering the "Dungeon of Death" is at your own risk. Only slowly the dust settles after your descent into the dungeon. Breathing is difficult, and in your head a hurricane roars. In the distance, the wail of the failure of this dungeon souls can be heard. You take up all your courage and rise to the dangers. There is only one way ... straight ... Overcome the devious traps the magician collect together the riches and escape from the dungeons. Jump over all the obstacles in your way to escape from the Dungeon of pain. UP ARROW --> SMALL JUMP, DOWN ARROW --> DUCK, SPACE BAR --> BIG JUMP, PRESS "P" TO PAUSE THE GAME. B: Back to game, Down Arrow: Duck, spacebar to jump, P: Pause, Up Arrow: Small jump, movement: arrow keys

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