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    Description:Dot Dot
    A strategic fun game where you can test your brain skills against the comp, Click on two dots to create a line. You can create either a horizontal or a vertical line. You can create line only if the dots are free and not previously taken. You can create create a line forward or backwards. You can create a line only in adjacent dots and cannot jump dots. You cannot create diagonal lines If you find 3 sides of a plot already taken, close the plot by creating a line in the open part. By doing this you claim the plot. A user icon is put in the place to mark the plot as yours. Oh, and By the way, the same rules go for the computer player. If you, by any change provide a 3 side plot to the computer player, he will calim as its own. A computer icon is put in place to mark the plot as the computer users. While claiming a plot if you find another plot open, you can close it and claim it as your own. This can go own till you claim all the available plots opening the same way. Once you finish claiming all your plots, create a line so that you pass the turn
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