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Description:Dinosaur Hunt: Search and discover dinosaur fossils around the World without leaving home. The idea of the game is to look through the reference section at all the 20 dinosaurs. Then when you think you are ready you can try hunting for each of the picture fossils shown. Once found, each fossil is displayed in a tray and you will need to identify each one against the pictures in the reference section. Points are scored for how well you do. There is a certificate reward and high score tables. How To Play Dinosaur Hunt The Dinosaur Reference Section In this section you will find basic descriptions of all 20 of the dinosaurs that appear in this program. Scroll through all 20 by clicking on the dinosaur teeth at the top of the screen. The right one moves you forward and the left one moves you back. Clicking on the dinosaur skull between the two teeth gives a complete drop down list of all 20 and you can jump to any one by clicking on it in that list. A picture showing my impression of what each dinosaur may have looked like will appear in the middle of the screen and mouse click to shoot,

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