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Description:Dig: The Lost Miner: Episode 1 : Demo: After a routine mining mission, Dig jumps into his hyper sleep chamber and initiates the launch sequence to head home; During the trip home his ship encounters an asteroid field and while attempting a safe course of passage inevitably takes damage; The ship's computer unbeknown to the damage continues the journey while precious fuel begins leaking into space. The ship's computer finally realizes the fuel reserves won't be enough to make it home and begins a search for local planets that may harbor plentiful reserves of fuel. It finds only one and sets a course. During the descent onto the planet; Dig is awoken expecting to be approaching his home world when the Ship's computer explains their situation. There's just one issue the fuel on the planet is nearly 4km below the surface and the ship doesn't have enough fuel to fire the mining lasers. All of the mining will have to be done by Dig himself! Game is designed to be slow at the beginning to give you a sense of reward as you upgrade the tools but after play testing this game for so long with the best tools I'm not sure if I made it too hard to start with so please be vocal about your opinions as it'll help craft the final version! movement: arrow keys

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