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Description:Crystal scope: Lots of multicolored balls on the playing field are scattered in mess. You are to complete the chains and make them disappear to let another balls arise on their places. This game combines arcade and strategy elements to give you more and more pleasure every time you start playing. It is simple and exquisite, you are sure to find it interesting enough to play it again and again. This game turns out to be a real fun for the fans of pooling and billiard. Besides, it has many new features that make it more interesting and unpredictable. To win the game you should remove all the spheres inside the pentagon. To blow these spheres offshoot at them with one of the spheres from its sides. You should first choose the sphere you want to shot with(a click on it will activate the sphere) and then click in the part of the board you want it to go. Don't be surprised if the sphere hasn't got where you meant it to - a sphere can slip only between two spheres of the next row.If a player manages to eliminate all the spheres of a certain col use mouse for movement

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