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Description:Crystal Klondike Solitaire Why don't you mosey on down here and take a look at this golden classic, 7-card 'Klondike' solitaire!Sort the deck into suits on the home stacks, and see how many rounds you can clear in a row!With three difficulty levels, you can play a nice gentle casual game, or try your hand on 'Expert' (using casino rules!) If you get stuck, just press the hint button! be warned - this game can be seriously addictive! Click & drag the cards - or just click to pick up/ put down, and try to arrange the cards in order onto the 4 top stacks. cards in play must be stacked descending, and with alternating colors. Empty spaces can only be filled with a King. Click on the face down 'deck' to deal more cards. On 'casual' difficulty, this will deal the cards one at a time, in the harder modes you will get the cards three at a time. 'Undo' and 'Hint' buttons are available to help you, but will cost you points, mouse click to shoot,Escape: Pause/ Menu,use mouse for movement

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