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Description:Conga Line: Help an alien race known as the Congar Conga around obstacles in search of their missing ship. The Congars are an alien race who must constantly be in a Conga Line or they will die (like sharks and swimming). As a agent of the Federal Bureau of dance, it is up to you to aid the Congar. Use detour arrows to guide the Congar to the exit without losing too many to obstacles and hazards. Use the WASD Keys to Move and Hit Space to Drop a Navigation that the Congar will follow. To remove an arrow, touch it and hit Control. Guide the Congar to the Exit with these arrows. There is a Mute Button in the bottom right corner if the two second loop of music is getting to you. If the action is occurring behind the information boxes, hold Shift to hide them. Control: Remove Arrow, Shift: Hide Information Boxes, press spacebar to shoot, movement: wasd

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