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Description:Con red dot: Make and play levels where you have to move your mouse over a series of way points. (timed) Tutorial: Once loaded, click in the Level Code box. Copy and paste the following in: "28,58,26.5,26.5@ 66,341,26.5,26.5@ 165,58,26.5,26.5@ 223,345,26.5,26.5@ 294,51,26.5,26.5@ 330,359,26.5,26.5@ 407,47,26.5,26.5@ 437,215,26.5,26.5@ 527,215,26.5,26.5" You have to connect the dots in the order that they are joined, the green dot is the starting dot. Miss out a way point or accidentally hit the wrong one, then you will fail. Times are timed, so try to improve your score :D

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