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Description:Chicken Eat Ice Cream: Use mouse drag slingshot to adjust angle power?release mouse to launch chicken, click chicken icon blow screen to choose different chicken. Yellow one is normal;Black one is bomb chicken can explode a large field and wood wall and mud wall; Red one is firechicken can burn around; Blue one can lay eggs and egg can hit ice cream. Long long ago, there is a group of very lovely chickens live in the beautiful grassland, they have a fancy for ice cream, they always dream of having all kinds of ice cream and more than they could eat.So the chickens wish for god every day?finally,the god was deeply moved , he come to chickens and give a promise of their wish. But all ice cream stay in the sky, they must figure it out , themselves.In order to eat up ice cream, they erect a large slingshot and launch themselves into sky

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