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Description:Caucasian Roulette: This is a place your safest best bet game when marbles are on the screen and by simple taps are dropped down in order to hit the targets & receive score., The game has 3 modes of playing, Classic, Survival, and Timer, In all modes, there is a panel of marbles. The player tap control or space once to make marbles drop down as they turn blue. These marbles must hit the star like shapes on the button of the screen in order to score. Some stars that twinkles in blue worth more score and time and refill the bonus bar quicker. All modes has timer that count down but can be refilled by successful hit of the marbles in the targets, In the classic mode you can bet, using your score, to win another panel of marbles, There is a try indicator showing you how many tries you earned. Betting is by pressing Enter when a text of "Press Enter to bet" is blinking. For this, you will use 250 Points, and each use cost 50 points more than the previous use, so you'll have to place a smart bet over your score or according to the bonus you receive when the bar is full as there also a bonus to reduce the bet price down to 250 Points, Space Bar: Drop Marbles, fire: control, Enter: Bet Scores

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