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Description:Catch & Dunk: Aim, Throw, Catch and Dunk, Get ready for a thrilling basketball arcade action game that will blow you away. Test you reaction skills and be as accurate as possible. Don't loose your nerves!, Step 1. Press spacebar to select a dunk. The more stars a dunk has, the more points they score. But more stars also means harder to execute!!" Step 2. Press the spacebar to make the girls arm go up and down. Step 3. Press the spacebar again at the right angle, to throw the ball! " Step 4. Press the spacebar again to catch the ball! Try to be high in the air when catching, If you're are to low beneath the basket, you will fall! Step 5. Finally press the Spacebar to dunk! Make sure the dunk-indicator is as close to the middle as possible! press spacebar to shoot,spacebar to jump

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