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3.8/5, Total Votes: 5  
Description:Casus: the story of an alien creature on a new planet which he (unknowingly) is fated to destroy by a prophecy.Maneuver the difficult puzzles by flipping the level upside down and right side up at will while dodging turrets, red shelled monsters, quick beasts, and pink octopus, Picking up orbs and killing enemies by punching them in the face (yes, they explode) will give you more points!Hit checkpoints to save as you go. Down: Flip Screen, C: Flip Screen, Spacebar: Flip Screen, Up: Jump, jump: up, X: Jump, Z: Punch,left/right arrow keys for movement

Platform games, Hard games, Turret games, Difficult games, Jump games, Enemy games, Pixel games, Art games, Side Scrolling games, Octopus games, Spike games, Shell games, Punch games, Parallax games, Adventure games,

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