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Description:Castles of Tales worth: A multiplayer game of castle warfare, inspired by the arcade classic Rampart. Engage up to 4 opponents in fast-paced multiplayer combat, or challenge 3 difficulty levels in a single player campaign to liberate your home island kingdom. Phase 1: Place cannons within your walls. Phase 2: Destroy enemy boats or kingdoms Phase 3: Place walls and surround at least one castle or tower. Rinse. Repeat. Use WASD to scroll map. Use 1 , 2 and 3 as hot keys for cannons. Use Q and E to rotate shapes in the repair phase. Press H for help. Eat lots of vegetables. Stay in school. Play more games. E: Rotate Shape Right,mouse click to shoot, H: Help, Q: Rotate Shape Left, P: Pause, 3: Fire cannon hot key, 1: Small cannon hot key, 2: Mega cannon hot key, movement: wasd

Fantasy games, Multiplayer games, Cannon games, Castle games, Fighting games, Shooting games, Strategy games,

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