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Description:Bubble Time (Final Release): an Action/ Puzzle game where you must use your ability to bend time to avoid different obstacles. Using element of 2 or more different games, you were supposed to make a whole new game. As many of you must have noticed we choose to merge 1986's classic Solomon's Key with a original moder game such as Braid THIS GAME IS AUTO SAVED EACH TIME YOU GET INTO A DOOR Use the Left/ Right Arrows to make Bubble walk. Hit the Up Arrow to make Bubble jump or enter an open door. Press the Down Arrow to make Bubble Crouch.(or use WASD) Place and/ or Remove blocks with Z (or J). Bend Time by pressing X (or K). Pres Escape to open the menu (Restart level, go back to the main room, mute the game, change quality etc.)

Cute games, Platform games, Time based games, Action games, Adventure games, Other/ Trivia games, Puzzle games,

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