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Description:BTG Tower defense: BTG Tower defense is the latest and greatest Tower defense game.Use special towers to shoot your enemies before they reach their goal. BTG Tower defense is unique in the fact that you'll be able to enter tournaments anywhere from a few people to 10's of thousands of people. May the best geek win! Enemies will spawn from the green squares on the map.The enemies are trying to make it to the exit without dying.Your goal is to use the towers provided to shoot the enemies.Each enemy you kill gives you more gold to spend on towers.You can use the gold to build more towers, or upgrade your existing ones. As you advance in the game, the enemies get harder. 1: Build the first tower,mouse click to shoot, s: Build the first tower,3: Build the first tower, 2: Build the first tower, 5: Build the first tower, 4: Build the first tower, u: Build the first tower,use mouse for movement

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