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Description:Bounce a tomato 2: Why not? Throw around the tomato with the mouse. Collect the white and gold things (gold is worth more) you have to unlock these in order potato - 600 points on level 1 lemon - 1000 points on level 2 strawberry- 700 points on level 3 gherkin - 500 points on level 4 broccoli - 600 points on level 5 orange - 600 points on level 6 carrot - 800 points on level 7 pineapple - 800 points on level 8 F. Bacon* - 900 points on level 9 *the F stands for fresh This game is really easy. All you have to do is throw the tomato around with the mouse, and try to hit the gold and white coins. The gold coins are worth more than the white. Power ups f = fat t = thin m = mini g = gravity mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement

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