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Description:Boss Rush: Ever felt like bullet hell shoot them ups weren't really terribly fair?After all, you fight horrific bosses, capable of covering the screen with deadly attacks, while they absorb hundreds of direct hits.Meanwhile you seem to be stuck in a tiny fighter-craft made of tissue paper, with what feels like a pea-shooter for a weapon. Well no more. It's time to find out what life is like on the other side of the warning message.It's time to be the Boss. WASD - moves your ship Left Mouse button - Fires the base weapon Numeric keys 1-4 - Fires a more powerful weapon.(Assuming you have enough power.) Each level has different requirements, but they will be listed in the lower left at the start of each level.In general they tend to be some variation on "destroy stuff" and "don't die" mouse click to shoot,movement: wasd

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