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    Description:Blitz Blaster
    Aliens. Space. Bombs. Gems. Upgrades. Lasers. The evil aliens have stolen all of your gems, blast your way through the hordes to reclaim what is yours. Some evil aliens have been rather naughty and stolen all of your gems. Fortunately, you have just been given control of a new prototype spaceship. Use your powerful new spacecraft to destroy hordes of aliens and collect gems to upgrade to bigger better weapons. Fly through 10 different missions, fighting ever increasingly difficult aliens. Arrow keys to fly, space to shoot. 1 - 4 change weapons once you've unlocked them. Z uses a super bomb. X fires the giant laser. Battle against waves of alien ships in the space shooter levels, where you must have quick reactions and a strong trigger finger to blast through aliens and bosses. Fly through lunar lander style levels collecting gems and avoiding turrets to steal back the gems that are rightfully yours. Use the gems you collect to upgrade your ship with bigger, better weapons, hard
    Space games, Fun games, Easy games, Alien games, Flying games, Gem games, Laser games, Cool games, Coin games, Upgrades games, Bomb games, Quick games, Blast games, Action games, Adventure games, Fighting games, Shooting games,

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