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Description:Beat Space: Beat Space is a music shooter where you must save the harmony of the cosmos! You command a spacecraft that travels to the 7th dimension through wormholes and retrieve harmony orbs that must be realigned to restore the music of the universe. The evil followers of dissonance will attempt to stop you so you must blast them into non-existence for the greater good. Good luck and God speed space hero! Control the speed and direction of your ship using the up, left, and right arrows. Brake using the down arrow. The space bar fires your weapons. Fly over harmony orbs to pick them up and fly over the color rings to drop them and start a music track. Fly over power ups to collect them and use the Ctrl key to unleash their power. The Shift key toggles the currently selected power up in inventory as indicated at the top of the screen. press spacebar to shoot, movement: arrow keys

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