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Description:Battle Raven: Awesome Vertical Scrolling Shoot them Up where you play the role of a young space craft pilot crawling his way up in the ranks of the Ravens Mercenary organization. The Ravens are in financial difficulty and luckily, stumble upon the perfect money making opportunity: A once peaceful and rich intergalactic empire - the Elavinas - is defending it's last ground against the Borgons, an iron fist ruling empire who enjoys enslaving and crushing everything in their path. The game is newbie friendly on the first few levels but later on will prove challenging even for the experts. Use the mouse pointer or keyboard to navigate your ship, spacebar to release the Nova Discharge, enemy bullets are cleared as well. Instructions are clearly explained in the game. Stay alive, each extra live adds an extra 1k score at the end of the level. Scores increase with the level. An extra life is added every 30k points of score. There is NO continue, this is a 1 coin pure arcade style. Don't forget to pick the power ups some large ships drop, the power ups never get out of screen so you might want to save them for later in order to maximize your score. Blue increases your fire power by 1 level and attack speed by 2, green repairs your shields, red gives you an extra nova discharge. For the permanent upgrade get attack speed as soon as you can and maximize the Primary Gun fire power, get at least 2 on speed and least 1 upgrade for the Raven shield for level 6. Left Arrow or A: Move Left,mouse click to shoot, Space: Nova Discharge, Down Arrow or S: Move Down, Shift or Primary Mouse Button: Shoot Primary Guns, Up Arrow or W: Move Up, Right Arrow or D: Move Right, use mouse for movement

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