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Description:Audio Lock: Use the Audio Lock Cracker to help Agent Bram Rexis gather the stolen mutagen, Agent Bram Rexis is a master of espionage, and has been hired to recover a stolen mutagen. Because of his experience with all kinds of facilities, including ones with new Sonic Forcefield technology, it is up to Agent Rexis to recover the mutagen. Audio Lock is an experimental Noise Cancellation game from Reese Holland Games. The objective of Audio Lock is to neutralize the target sound, so that the target and solution cancel each other out. This is done by matching the frequency and amplitude with the solution sound, and using the forcefield visualization to aid this process. Speakers or headphones are required to play Audio Lock. To pause the game, move the mouse off the game window during game play. This is a unique new game, utilizing Noise Cancellation as part of the core mechanic for game play. New, unique, original, and one of a kind. mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement

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