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Description:Atomic Reactor: You are put in charge of the bubble reactor for the day. The reactor starts to become unstable, so you need to use your bubble gun to keep the reactor under control. Bubble Reactor is Bubble Shooter with a fun twist in it. The bubbles are on a rotating platform with movable bubble gun. See if you can knock them all out. Very addictive , Fire bubbles using your bubble gun into the reactor to cause a reaction when 3 or more bubbles collide. Use the number keys (1,2,3) to activate certain super weapons and try and pop bubbles that are attached to the center. Left and right arrow key or A and D key - Movement, M - Mute (Sound off), P - Pause game, ESC - Quite game, power ups (power ups will stick to the edge to collect), Omega Particle: Lets you fire a smart bomb. Gamma Shower: Fires a shower of destruction. The Connector: Fires through all other colors, until a similar color is hit. Power Downs (Avoid the red power downs), Spawn: Spawns a random set of bubbles, Random Spin:Spins the reactor randomly., Time Replenish: Gives you more time before the next wave of bubbles. Freeze: Stops the reactor from moving

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