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Description:ATC Fun: You control the traffic pattern on an airport , 1. Click on aircraft to view options or select it . 2. To assign direction , click assign direction and click on the screen where you want it to go. 3. Before you make an aircraft land it has to descent to less than 2000ft before it gets aligned to the runway. Click Descent 4. To make aircraft land , click intercept runway. It then lands on the assigned runway. Make sure its in line with the requested runway , Otherwise it wont land . It declares missed approach . If it does make sure you click missed approach published to start assigning direction again. 5. when the aircraft has landed . Click on it to select it and click on the gate you want it to go. 6. When its finished offloading passengers . Click on it . Read its intentions , if its to tax to runway . Click tax to runway , but make sure the beginning of requested runway has no aircraft .

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