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Description:Aristotle's Axis: This game features a perspective rarely, if ever, seen in a flash video game where the play field rotates around the player. It is set in an Asteroids-like universe with much more aggressive and capable enemies, tons of ship upgrades, gobs of explosions and lots of sound effects. Shoot asteroids with your phaser to convert them into treasure.Fly over the treasure to collect it, fly to a catcher, and eject the treasure into the catcher.Do this while fighting harassing aliens. 1: Proximity Bomb, C: Fire Torpedo, Space: Eject Treasure,UP Arrow: Thrust, Down Arrow: Brakes,P: Toggle Key Map Screen, 3: Freeze Bomb, 2: Ring Bomb, ESC: Pause/Stats/Upgrades, Right Arrow: Rotate, X: Fire Phaser, Z: Shields , Left Arrow: Rotate,movement: arrow keys

Asteroid games, Spaceship games, Flying games, Physics games, Rotation games, Action games, Fighting games, Shooting games,

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