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Description:Apple Defender: Defend your apples from the onslaught of worms in this exciting tower defense game. The worms will come from all directions to steal your apples and the only way to stop them is to blow them to pieces. With 37 different structures, there are endless possibilities and numerous strategies. How will you stop the worms? Watch out for the boss worms too, they are extra tough. Can you make it past level 50? Use the mouse and the left mouse button to build apple trees and turrets to defend them from the worms. The worms are trying to steal your apples. When the worms steal an apple from a tree, the tree will die. The game is over once all your apple trees have died. When an apple becomes red, you can click it to earn money. The longer you let the apples grow, the more money you will get. You can also upgrade turrets by clicking on them and if upgrades are available you can purchase them from the low mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement

Tower defense games, Turret games, Defense games, Worm games, Boss games, Apple games, Money games, Action games, Shooting games, Strategy games,

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