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Description:Animal Hunter: Animal Hunter is an easy shooting game which help you to use the mouse very well with the maximum velocity. You have to kill 50 animals per level. Enjoy all the advantage offer in this game 1-Use the mouse(left mouse click) to kill all the animals on the area, you have to kill 50 animals per level. If you miss 100, you lose. 2-press "Top scores" to see the list of top players 3-Press "Submit score" if you want your score to appear in the list of top players. Your picture can be appear with your name, only click on "Top scores" when the leader board display press "mochi game" and "login".And the new window you can login to your social network (facebook, twitter, myspace) or create a mochi game account(www.mochigame.com) if you were not registered and upload your own avatar when you finish press close window and return of the game page. 4-For updates informations press "Top scores" and "Game" mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement

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