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Description:ADHD Doris in Keep Your Cool: Control ADHD Doris and earn points in her stressful office cleaning job. change her direction by clicking on the arrow buttons at the bottom of the play area. Also you can change direction of the right hand lift on the 1st floor to up or down, by clicking on the lift call button. If health level drops so does her speed. You earn points by carrying out the cleaning duties in the office. It soon becomes clear that your job is the most important of all as without you, the place would grind to a halt. The objects which you can single left mouse click on are highlighted with a blue star when your mouse pointer passes over them, whilst those that need you to double click have a red star. Left click on the broom and click again when over Doris, to get her to go into sweeping mode. Cans etc. dropped by Kevin can be swept down into the basement and the rubbish

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